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Management of HWHU

Management of Hazardous Waste from Health Units includes the operations that make it harmless to public health and the environment. Especially, the management includes the following steps:

The waste is collected per category (HWPI , MHW and OHW) by the staff of the health unit , and is packaged in special packaging, type Hospital box (yellow - sterilization , red – incineration).

Sharps are collected separately in an imperforate safety bucket, while OHW is collected in special containers, depending on its type. The labelling of packages with the necessary information required by the legislation and their transportation to the place of temporary storage of the health unit follow.

Our company is able to supply all types of packaging, as well as to train the staff of the health unit for the correct way of the separation of waste and to provide consultatively your internal regulation.

The HWPI and MHW are stored within the Health Units into a special cooling chamber, for a period up to 5 days at ≤ 5 ° C, while for quantities less than 500 liters for a period of 30 days at a temperature ≤ 0 ° C. The OHW is stored in a special place within the Health Unit for a period of up to one ( 1) year.

The Transfer of HWHU outside the Health Unit becomes in specially certified vehicles-refrigerators (ATP-ADR approval) of our company. The HWHU istransported to a processing unit or is temporarily stored in an appropriate facility. Our company collaborates with licensed incineration and sterilization units, where hazardous waste of the health units is transported for processing.

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