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Hazardous waste categories of health care units

The Waste from health Units (WHU) are divided into three categories: municipal waste, special waste streams and hazardous waste.
The hazardous waste generated by health units is divided into three categories:


Hazardous Waste Purely Infectious (HWPI)

Waste contaminated by blood or other biological fluids containing blood so as to be visible, e.g. needles, syringes, surgical scalpels, disposable gloves, etc.

Ecologically. Our company, emphasizing on ecological consciousness, ensures the rational management of waste.

Mixed Hazardous Waste (MHW)

Waste from the development of research activities and microbial-biochemical tests, e.g. plates, plates and other means contaminated by pathogens / Anatomical waste: tissues, organs and body parts unrecognizable.

Effectively. The ANSY S.A. effectively manages mixed hazardous waste with the method of incineration, as required by the law.

Other Hazardous Waste (OHW)

Hazardous chemical substances, such as chloroform, trichlorethylene, xylene, acetone, methanol, acids, alkalis and other oxidants. Solvents from radiological laboratories. Dental amalgam. Expired drugs, including cytostatics.

Responsibly. Our company separates waste, emphasizing on their risk and depending on their method of management.

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