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Used tyres

Characteristic of used vehicle tires is that although there are classified as hazardous waste, their management is difficult both environmentally and economically. The recycling of used tires of vehicles differs greatly from the recycling of end-of- life material waste due to the fact that shredding or granulation products of used tires cannot be used as raw materials for manufacturing - production of new tires except in very small to negligible quantities.

There are limited markets for these materials both in Greece and the rest of the Europe. Therefore it is very important to create and develop new markets for the products of the processing of used tires in order to lift the barriers the safe management of the waste as firstly disposal in landfills is prohibited since 2003 and secondly its storage for long periods of time even on licensed premises is dangerous.

Important market for many final and intermediate products of recycled tires is public works that could absorb large quantities of semi-processed (shredded) or even flaked or powdered used tires.

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