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ANSY Services

Our company has contracted with the Hellenic Technical Consortium of Environmental Applications for Collection of Used Mineral Oils (EL.TE.P.E. JV). With skilled personnel, ADR certified vehicles, and nationwide license for the collection and transport for the collection of lubricating oils , we are able to receive directly.

The benefits of regeneration relate to the recycling the oils of your the company, even in small quantities, in order to transfer them to licensed facilities for regeneration according to the legislation. Oneach delivery, the necessary Identification Form of Waste Lubricating Oils is filled out, whose content appears in Annex E of Act no . 82/2004 PD .of waste lubricating oils as the best solution to exlpoit them instead of burning or even worse burying them.

Therefore, the collection and regeneration substantially reduce the environmental impacts arising from other exploitation methods of WLO.

ANSY S.A. has implemented and operates a MICROSOFT DYNAMICS NAV solution and a MICROSOFT DYNAMICS CRM solution