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Waste oil management
Waste oil management (WOM)

According to Presidential Decree No. 82/2004 waste lubricating oils means "any industrial or lubricating oil of mineral synthetic or mixed basis, which was suitable for the use for which it was originally intended, and in particular used combustion engine and gearbox oils and engine, turbine and hydraulic systems oils including waste lubricating oils from ships, other means of transport or fixed installations.

The mineral oil is basically a mixture of hydrocarbons derived from paraffinic or naphthenic crude oil. On this basis, ingredients such as organometallic compounds of Ba, Zn, Mg, Ca, P, are added in order to improve the lubricant and other desired properties (such as strength, life time, etc.) of the final product.

Waste lubricating oils is an essential element of everyday life of many citizens as they are necessary for the operation of machines and mechanisms. During…
Our company has contracted with the Hellenic Technical Consortium of Environmental Applications for Collection of Used Mineral Oils (EL.TE.P.E. JV). With skilled personnel, ADR certified…

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