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Waste electric and electronic equipment

The electric and electronic equipment waste (WEEE) is considered priority waste stream. The continuous increase in its amount renders the separate collection and the special treatment of WEEE more than necessary for the recovery of raw materials.


Categories of recyclable WEEE

1. Large household appliances (refrigerators, freezers, etc.)
2. Small household appliances (coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, irons, etc.)
3. IT and telecommunications equipment (PC, laptops, printers, etc.)
4. Consumer goods (TV, radio, DVD players, etc.)
5. Lighting equipment (all types of lamps)
6. Electrical and electronic tools (drills, saws, etc.)
7. Games and leisure and sports equipment (videogames, etc.)
8. Medical devices (except for implanted and infected)
9. Monitoring and control instruments (thermostats, etc.)
10.Automatic dispensers (vending machines for liquid or solid products)

Recycling Process of WEEE

The final consumer is requested to deliver every device, which will be thrown away and can be defined as WEEE to collection points that have been established in every district (municipal collection points, where they have placed containers, retailers, special bins for appliances installed in contracted with the system collection points etc.). Beyond that, companies, which have the necessary licenses, collect and deliver WEEE to the private law non-investment company called RECYCLING SA. The RECYCLING SA coordinates and controls all companies active in the field of collection, transportation, and storage of WEEE. The companies which are active in the specific field must have required infrastructure and licenses provided by the national environmental legislation.

Recycling Methods of WEEE

In general, after collection, WEEE is dismantled. All hazardous substances present (Freon capacitors, batteries, etc.) are removed, categorized, and processed. After that, the different materials (plastic, iron, aluminum, copper, etc.) are separated with the use of modern methods. The specific materials are then resold to various companies for reuse as raw material.

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