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Construction and demolition waste

Construction and demolition waste is the heaviest and bulkiest waste produced in the European Union. It represent 25 % - 30 % of all waste generated in the European Union and consisting of materials such as concrete , iron, brick , plaster , wood , glass, metals, plastics , asbestos and soil that can be recycled.

However, the level of recycling and reuse of the said waste varies greatly across the EU from less than 10% to over 90 %. In some Member States this type of waste is disposed , occupying valuable space in landfills. Additionally, if not separated at source, it may contain small amounts of hazardous waste, posing a particular risk to the environment.

In Greece the amount of waste produced by various construction works (construction and demolition) is estimated at 6.7 million tons annually. Given the fact that there is no organized network of collection and exploitation, the management of these materials today is fragmented, creating major environmental problems due to uncontrolled disposal.

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