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Company ANSY S.A.

The company Antipollution Systems - ANSY SA was founded in 2008 in Athens, Greece, with the goal to provide integrated environmental services in the area of waste management. Our highest priority is the high quality of our services along with the protection of the environment and the public health. We aim in facilitating professionals who want to dispose the waste generated in their area with a secure, reliable, and responsible way, always being in compliance with the current legislation.

The areas that we have set out to are the hazardous wastes, the non-hazardous wastes, and all the alternative management wastes categories. We are certified at all levels of our services offered and, our main concerns being the continuous development and the research for innovating solutions, we ensure the traceability of the waste of our customers with modern technology. Heretofore, ANSY is actively involved in the Medical Waste Management (MWM), in the Waste Oil Management (WOM), and in the Non-Hazardous Waste Management (NHWM).

In order to serve all the Health Units, ANSY is licensed for the collection and transportation of hazardous waste from sanitary units in interregional level and is in collaboration with licensed incineration and sterilization units, where hazardous waste of the health units is transported for treatment and final disposal. Moreover, ANSY is certified for the quality of services provided in ISO 9001:2008, for the applied environmental management in ISO 14001:2004 and for health and safety of the employees in BS-OHSAS 18001:2007. Last but not least, having skilled personnel, trained drivers, holders of ADR diplomas and specially certified vehicles, ANSY SA ensure the provision of high quality services, directly , with the most secure and reliable way!


Our company is able to manage the following types of waste such as:

• Hazardous Waste of Health Units
• Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste
• Waste Oils
• Excavation, Construction and Demolition Waste
• Hazardous Waste
• Animal Waste
• Agriculture Residues
• Food & Beverage Industry Waste
• Water Treatment Sludge Waste
• Slaughterhouse Waste
• End of life Vehicles
• Used Tyres
• Portable Batteries
• Storage Cells

In this context, the company ANSY S.A. plans to implement modern waste treatment and recycling of waste, in order to provide complete customer service. Based not only on our expertise but also on our specialized staff, we constantly seek innovative proposals for waste management, covering successfully the requirements of our customers. Our company can provide the necessary solutions to even the most complex environmental problems.

Through its action, ANSY SA supports research and promotes its business action along with meeting the needs of modern society, ensuring public health and a better environment for tomorrow!

ANSY S.A. has implemented and operates a MICROSOFT DYNAMICS NAV solution and a MICROSOFT DYNAMICS CRM solution